Seven Sins of Alterone

Back to the Past

A baby in trouble

After returning from the Crucible of Fire victorious, Daxis and Anlon interrogated Mathe in their “cold room” back at the Bloody Raven. Mathe revealed he was a member of the resistance in Kerfalazud. Mathe knew nothing of Eon’s arrest, but it did not surprise him, as a member of his own resistance cell had recently been executed. The resistance in Kerfalazud had most likely been infiltrated or compromised in some way. Anlon asked if Mathe knew of some way to help Eon escape from prison. Mathe thought to himself a moment, and said that his resistance cell would most likely ask for help, and they’d help in kind. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Anlon and Daxis told Mathe to meet them at the Lion’s Head Inn the next morning after Mathe had gone back and spoken to his superiors. Mathe left the inn, but not without Daxis going invisible and following him. Mathe had snuck over to a grate in the southeastern section of time, an area the Dark Folk had forgotten, produced a key, unlocked the grate, and went into the sewers. Daxis pursued no further. Back at the inn, Aeros was enjoying a relaxing evening, when he was absolutely sure he saw the figure of a female clad in black on a nearby rooftop. She disappeared as soon as she was seen. Daxis investigated, and found that whoever it was used both an invisibility spell and a scrying spell. Slightly unnerved that even more people were spying on them, Daxis and the party returned to the inn and relaxed the rest of the evening.
Acedia had awoken from her slumber and Montgomery had returned from his debauchery. The party convened in the morning and headed to the Lion’s Head Inn, the tavern of choice for the blues. A well-dressed merchant was awaiting the party at a large round table. After an order of coffee, the man leaned in and revealed himself to be Mathe in disguise. Mathe agreed to let the party do a job for the resistance, and if successful, the resistance in Kerfalazud would have enough trust in them to help them free Eon. Mathe explained that there was an important caravan carrying goods from the town of Melfthis to the north. This caravan most likely had supplies and gear that would invariably aid the dark folk. The caravan was owned by a rich merchant named Jorn. Jorn is well known as not just a collaborator with the dark folk, but a human who is supportive of their rule. The resistance wants the party to procure the caravan’s supplies for the resistance, through violence if necessary. Mathe could not offer too much information about the troop complement, just that Jorn was a fairly rich merchant and could afford able body guards. The caravan was due to arrive at Kerfalazud in 2-3 days depending on how fast the caravan moved. The caravan would have to cross a river at two different points, and come south down the Gold Road to Kerfalazud. Mathe would allow the party to decide how best to proceed. Anlon sent a message to Auria and asked her to use any resources in Melfthis to try and get info on the caravan. Auria replied they had 3 resources, and that she would set them to work immediately.
Daxis and the rest of the party came up with a plan to make sure that the attack on another party, namely Wrath, rather than the resistance. The party managed to procure several uniforms for foot soldiers, and with a little help from Aeros, Montgomery was able to create some excellent forgeries of marching orders. With their gear set, the party set out north on the Gold Road, unsure of the exact schedule for the caravan, but knowledgeable in its general path. The trip northward was mostly monotonous. The border with Gluttony was sealed off months ago, all trade with Pride and Gluttony had essentially been halted, so there was little traffic for merchants going to and fro on the northern Gold Road. The landscape of Greed was one of parched earth and little vegetation. It had been quite some time since the last rain. As the party moved forward, a huge storm seemed to gather as if from nowhere. The storm was strange. It had an intensity and fierceness unlock the other storms usually experienced in Greed. The rain came down in hard sheets and the wind was intense. The party quickly took refuge in an old house, half of which had crumbled due to the passage of time, but the other half proved useful for shelter. The party lit a fire and tried to cover themselves as best they could, as the rain was still dripping through the eaves in the roof. The house itself was bare. There was the remnants of a broken desk, and a picture frame with no markings and no picture inside; no doubt rotted away by the passage of time. Daxis kept a watch at the window while the rest of the party slept. As the night wore on, Daxis felt a strange sensation coming over him as his eye lids got heavier and heavier. Daxis tried to wake up his sleeping comrades, but to no avail, and soon, Daxis drifted away into slumber himself.
Daxis was the first to wake up. He scanned the room, and was shocked to find himself in the same house, except very much intact. The floor was carpeted, the walls were restored and looked as if they had been recently constructed, and the picture frame on the wall showed a portrait of a family. Peering out the window, one could see a beautiful, verdant forest and green grass, nothing like the barren terrain of Greed. Daxis stood up and began waking his comrades, utterly befuddled as to what was happening. To his left, there was an elven woman, injured, laying on a table. The sound of someone rooting through drawers and cupboards came from the adjoining room. Daxis, Aeros ,and Dolvion headed to what appeared to be a kitchen, while Anlon and the rest of the party tended to the wounded elven female. The elf introduced herself as Aya, and she had been stricken by an orcish curse. A black pulsating blob had latched itself to her side. Anlon cast remove curse, and was shocked that he was easily able to summon power from his god Khul-Dul. Anlon removed the object, but Aya was still weak from the orc poison and dark magic. Montgomery tried to speak with her, but was surprised her Elven was archaic and used a lot of vocabulary he was not familiar with.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Daxis walked in on an older man, possibly in his 40s, rooting through cupboards and drawers looking for something with haste, while a woman was swaddling an infant while sitting at the kitchen table. The man turned around, shocked that there was someone else in the house, and asked if Daxis and the party were intruders. Daxis found the man’s dialect to be nothing like the Greed dialect he was used to. The man spoke some archaic form of the Greed language, which Daxis was knowledgeable enough in to communicate. Dolvion followed along while Aeros was totally in the dark as to what the conversation was about. The older man grabbed an axe and told Daxis to get out, and Daxis instinctively pulled out a knife and began threatening the man as to why he had kidnapped them. After a tense few minutes, the old man relented, and told Daxis he and his wife Maria were being chased by orcs through the forest and that they were hiding in their house. Meanwhile, Aya was having a difficult time communicating with Anlon who knew neither the Greed dialect nor Elven, but they managed to communicate in pidgin Dwarf. Aya turned to Aeros and used a detect alignment spell. “You are a warrior of Kantor. Here, if the orcs come for our lives, use this.” Aeros, embarrassed that Aya essentially given away what he had long hidden, took the light orb from Aya. “Concentrate. Visualize yourself using it as a weapon.” Aeros closed his eyes, and imagined a great axe. The orb pulsated and spun, and within moments, a great axe made from pure radiance sprung into being. The weapon was lighter than a feather and shone brilliantly, the light itself ebbing and flowing like water.
The party didn’t have much time to ask further questions before a raiding party of goblins appeared from the forest, flanked by a large, menacing troll. Battle soon ensued. The party used the cover of the windows to use their long range attacks. Aeros found that he could change the form of his light weapon with just a thought, and changed it to a crossbow and back to a great axe when the need suited him. The light weapon tore through the flesh of the dark folk with ease. Things looked bleak when the troll went into a berserk rage and managed to knock Aeros unconscious. To make matters worse, Daxis tried using his eldritch blasts, but quickly found that he could not summon his powers easily. The battle was fierce, but the party emerged victorious after wiping out the goblins and burning the troll’s corpse to a crisp. With a few minutes respite, the party returned inside. Anlon sought to mend the damage to the house while Daxis asked Aya exactly what was going on. Aya explained that the Orcs had conquered Therazuul (Daxis had never heard of a city by that name) and had executed the entire royal family, save for the baby the woman named Maria was holding. The prince was the last of the bloodline of the Ellendir family. The man introduced himself as Lor ack Matheus, and apologized for brandishing an axe. Lor, Maria, and Aya were trying to help the prince flee Therazuul, but the orcs were hot in pursuit. Daxis reasoned that the party had traveled back in time, 400 years to the times of the fall of the kingdoms of Alterone. Within a few minutes, the sounds of war drums could be heard outside. An orc wearing shaman clothing, the skulls of small animals laced together into a necklace, and a large gnarled staff appeared from the woods. “Never leave a goblin to do an orcs job.” Aya went unconscious, the poison from the orcs curse leaving her weak and vulnerable. The party proceeded to defend themselves from the coming onslaught.
This time, the orcs prepared a sneaky back attack, launching themselves through the back windows and into the living room where the prince and Maria were held. An extremely tense battle ensued. The party brought to bear all of their resources of spell and sword. Daxis focused, managing to keep control of his powers to their fullest extent. Acedia, surprisingly protective of the young prince, brought to bear the full fury of her psychic powers. Montgomery used his powers of illusion to trap the two ogres flanking the shaman with a spell, entrancing them with swirling colors. Anlon summon the full might of Khul Dul into a swirling storm of flying hammers. The orcs fell to the wayside, but the orc chief managed to knock out Daxis and mortally wound Maria. “Our attack is meaningless if we don’t kill the child!” The young prince lay there, crying in his swaddling clothes on the floor. Just as the orc chief raised his axe to deliver the killing blow, Daxis leapt on to his back and jammed his dagger straight into the orc chief’s throat, green flames shooting out and sparking straight into the orc’s body. Aeros had already obliterated the orc shaman, combining the might of his light weapon with the holy power of Kantor, and releasing bursts of pure radiant energy from his light crossbow. The party killed the last of the ogres and orcs, allowing none to escape.
Maria went into the adjoining bedroom and showed the party a large chest filled with riches. She thanked the party profusely for saving them from certain death. Aya found her way to her feet to properly thank her saviors. Aeros turned to her and asked who she was. “You don’t know? I am Aya of the Eluhir daughter of—-“ her sentence was cut short as reality faded away and the party found themselves back in the abandoned house. The party awoke at the very crack of dawn on the 9th day of the 7th month. The checked their bodies, and found that if it was a dream, it was a very real one. All the wounds they had incurred, all the damage they had taken, and all of the magic they had let loose was real. Daxis immediately found the lock box underneath the floor boards of the house and procured a very large sum for the party. Acedia looked at the picture frame, and this time saw the words “Ellendir” inscribed in them, and a patch of the family portrait, still ravaged by the sands of time, but fairly intact.
The party deliberated for a moment. Montgomery had found that there was no sign of a caravan having been on the road. The ground was muddy and tracks could be easily seen. It had been a day, so it was unclear whether or not the party would meet the caravan on the road or have to go further. If they did find the caravan on the road, they were spent from fighting with the orcs to be able to do much. The party elected to rest for the day and set back on the road. After several hours of walking at a pretty good pace, they reached Trebezon, a small port settlement overlooking the Denez River. The port looked rather large, enough for two large boats as well as some smaller skimmers. No ferries were sighted. From afar, the settlement wasn’t much to look at. Near the docks was a large building with a warehouse attached, most likely an office of some sort. There were small restaurants and inns, some lining the water front, and there were people going to and fro, buying, hawking their wares, trading, etc. It was unclear if the caravan was on its way, but it had most likely not already left. Daxis and the rest of the party put on their Wrath uniforms and concocted a bold plan: Daxis would pretend to be one of Wrath’s 12 commanders flanked by a contingent of Wrath soldiers, and commandeer the port as part of a forward vanguard of Wrath forces. Daxis entered the square in full view of most of the population, and in a loud voice, boomed “I am Amaneus, Commander of Wrath. I hereby proclaim this area to be property of Wrath himself!” A hush went over the area.



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