Seven Sins of Alterone

Hunt for Red Orc October

Zombie Mayhem

After some rest and relaxation the party decided to head straight into the heart of Gluttony to investigate the red orc. Emil told the party that their contact was Arin, a resistance member, who was operating in the town of Victoria. Emil warned the party that Gluttony was in a state of anarchy. K’rash’s army essentially came in, killed Gluttony, and just left, so the peasantry was left to pick up the pieces. Emil handed Daxis a Gluttony phrase book, and wished the party well. Emil also hinted that the party might make a small fortune by selling garlic, an herb that had been utterly banned in Gluttony before liberation. Auria had arrived from Harderwejk and helped the party get to the border of Gluttony and Greed.

Upon arriving at the border, the party caught sight of a wealthy looking man flanked by a paige, trying to bargain with the orc guards at the border. No one was to go in or out of Gluttony, but the rich man tried to haggle with the orcs to let him into Greed. “I NEED to get out of Gluttony!” the man pleaded. “I’ll pay anything, anything you ask!” Daxis slid next to the man. “Anything?” Daxis immediately cast fireball and roasted the orc guards alive in the ensuing combat. The merchant was left standing there, watching the carnage, with a few orc guts hanging off his new silk threads. The party asked the man why he was so intent on getting out of Gluttony, to which the man replied he just wanted to go on vacation. The merchant tried to take his leave when Daxis cast hold person, trapping the man with a spell. Montgomery tried to sell the man a new “Orc Blood Begone” potion to clean the man’s robes, while Daxis was more interested in the man’s riches. During the conversation, the man revealed he was a noble in Gluttony (outside of a city called Arden), at least before Gluttony died, and that the feudal lords of Gluttony were all fleeing for Occupied Lands. Those that were not fortunate enough to get out, were executed. Daxis replied “Like this?” and slit the man’s throat, leaving his dead body on the grass, penniless as Daxis had already relieved the man’s money purse. The noble’s paige didn’t seem too perturbed at his master’s fate. The party found out the noble was named Neville, and they recommended the boy take on the name Neville, and use the clothes, money, and royal seal to set himself up in Kerfalazud. The boy warned them that Gluttony was not a safe place and he had no idea why anyone would willingly enter, but bid the party farewell and good luck.

The trek into Gluttony was fairly uneventful, but slow. Gluttony (or Daven as it was now called), was a swampy area with thick forest, so it took the party awhile to get going. Anlon was overjoyed to find moon blossom, a very rare herb that would prove useful against the undead. Speaking of undead, the party heard a young girl screaming bloody murder in the distance and went to investigate. A young girl, no older than 17 or 18 years old, was surrounded by hordes of ravenous zombies. Daxis thought the girl was done for, but Korg moved in quickly and picked up the girl, slinging her over his big half orc shoulders. The party did battle with the horde, and soon found out that both Anlon and Aeros’ holy powers came in handy. The party was eventually victorious, and the girl introduced herself as Anna and took the party back to her family’s house.
Anna’s home wasn’t much to look at. It was a dilapidated shack. The door and windows were all barred with wood. Anna knocked on the door and let her parents know everything was alright. Her parents were overjoyed to see their daughter alive. Yes, it was dangerous to go in the woods to pick mushrooms, but staying barred indoors all day would mean that they’d invariably starve, so Anna had taken the risk. Daxis and Dolvion had a pretty decent handle on the Gluttony dialect, or at least could speak enough broken Gluttony to get things going. Korg decided he had won Anna’s hand in marriage, at least for a day, so a wedding feast was in order. Anlon and Korg went into the woods and hunted some succulent boar. Of course the forest had a few stray zombies, but Korg found bashing their skulls against a tree was fairly easy. The pair came back with a huge boar, and quickly skinned it and put it on a spit roast. Anna’s parents were over the moon. They hadn’t eaten meat in forever. Pretty soon, the neighbors got into the mix, and a potluck had spontaneously been organized. The neighbors chowed down on boar meat, Anlon fixed up the house with his excellent carpentry skills, and Montgomery serenaded everyone with a melancholy tune. Anlon and Korg went out to get seconds on the boar. Anna found herself sitting next to Korg. Korg explained to Anna that they would be husband and wife, if only for a day, but Anna did not speak a lick of Dark Speech, so sat there with her parents constantly giving her the thumbs up and picking boar meat out of their teeth.
The neighbors were drinking and merry, however it was getting late and many of them wanted to get back to their homes for shelter. Being out late at night was dangerous. Korg would have none of it. Just then, three vampire spawn came in screaming from the woods. The peasants scrambled in fear, but the party faced the undead in combat and saved the party. The neighbors were shocked that the newcomers were powerful enough to stave off the invaders, and the party resumed. The parents asked Montgomery to commemorate their daughter’s marriage to Korg. Montgomery painted something….horrible beyond words. The parents were so shocked that the mother fainted. The night passed without incident, Korg and Anna consecrated their marriage, and the party set off for Victoria in the morning. They were quick to reach the city with Anna guiding them.
Upon reaching Victoria, the party noticed the city was surrounded by a ramshackle wall of plank boards and metal fencing. “Keep the dead out!” was scrawled in blood on the side. The city guards quickly stopped the party from entering. Anna was able to convince the guards to let the party in, in exchange for Anlon working on the city walls to upgrade them. Anlon was put quickly to work while Daxis went to find Arin. Arin apparently had worked at the local grocer run by a man named Reggie and his assistant Mercilia. Reggie hadn’t seen Arin in days. Usually Arin would do odd jobs, help load and unload shipments, manual labor, that sort of thing. Reggie pointed out that Arin lived in the slums in the southern end of town and that he should check there. Harold Nightbringer was the man to see.
Meanwhile, Montgomery and the party went to see the Mayor of Victoria to chat. Montgomery thought it’d be the perfect venue for his artistic creation, and hung it on the mayor’s wall. After the mayor stopped vomiting, he immediately called for the guards. Korg and Montgomery, who did not spoke a word of Gluttony, did not understand why dozens of guards filled the mayor’s room and started tying them up and applying shackles. Montgomery thought that he was preparing for a different kind of activity, and began undressing. The mayor, thinking Montgomery was clearly insane, ordered him to be taken to the insane asylum. Korg was put in a holding cell with rather thin metal bars. There was a man in the corner, sharpening a pair of knives against each other, and another guy just sitting on a bench. Guards were posted at the door. Montgomery went into a padded room with a man who incessantly talked to himself, and another who was writing random things on the wall. Montgomery got their attention, snapped his fingers, and used polymorph to transform himself into a bird, leaving out through the window.
Anlon was hard at work reconstructing the wall for the city, and after awhile, the laborers in Gluttony figured out which grunt meant they were doing well and which grunt meant to change things around.
Daxis found his way to the slums in Victoria. There were several men engrossed in a card game, clearly gambling and drinking. A man in a vest was smoking a large cigar had his feet kicked up on a stand, obviously Harold. Daxis inquired about Arin’s whereabouts. Harold hemmed and hawed for a bit, and said his memory could be jogged for a few silver. “But if you don’t have it, ye can be on yer…” Daxis nonchalantly dropped 10 silver on the table, and Harold perked up…quickly. Harold led Daxis to Arin’s room. Hovel might have been a better term. In it, Daxis found a journal entry stating that Arin was going to help out the lumberjacks. Gluttony’s main resource was lumber, so the Murtigen forest to the west was a prime area to begin logging, but the lumberjacks all say the area is haunted.
Meanwhile, Dolvion helped translate while Anlon commanded his builders to continue on the wall. Korg found a local watering hole, and he and Montgomery placed the horrific painting there. Anlon was soon there to make sure that no one could remove the painting. A priestess of Heshtail, an old woman named Moira, approached Aeros about whether or not he could help her with the sick and wounded. As Aeros began talking, several masked men in wyverns flew down. The mayor quickly came outside, hat in hand, and bowed and scraped when talking with the men on the wyverns. Daxis was nearby, and did nothing but observe what was going on. The men in masked asked where this week’s shipment was. The mayor said that weekly shipments were getting difficult, and that they would have the silver and food next week. The bandits brandished rapiers and told the mayor that wasn’t good enough. The party intervened, and combat soon broke out. Montgomery used his new magic item to conjure a wall of thorns, which proved extremely effective in battle. The party was victorious, although a wyvern flew away. Korg managed to bring one of the wyverns under his control. He named the wyvern “Air Biscuit” and proceeded to let air biscuit devour one of the bandits while Daxis drug the other one away for “questioning.” Anlon remarked that perhaps the bandits friend got the better end of the deal. The mystery of Arin’s whereabouts was still unsolved, and would the bandits be back to have their revenge?



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