"Marvelous" Montgomery Mormont


Montgomery is a rather attractive half elf, by most standards, with shoulder length feathered platinum hair and piercing blue eyes. Standing at a modest 5’9 with a lithe build and a certain swagger in his step, there are few women (or men) of any race that don’t give Monty a second glance when he passes…which is exactly how he likes it.

You can typically find Monty in a set of nice clothing and rather pristine leather armor with an over polished, and rather unused, rapier at his waist. There are three constants you will rarely find Monty without though: An old, slightly battered lute on his back; his donkey companion Sparkle; and a conditioned, brushed, and feathered hairstyle.

On the surface Monty is a narcissistic, selfish person whose only motivations are wealth and fame but underneath that jaded exterior, is there a kind hearted person who would risk himself to help the innocent and right the wrongs committed by the dark ones? ……Nahhhh.


"Marvelous" Montgomery Mormont

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