A squat man wearing a plain woolen shirt, brown canvas pants, and a brown leather hood, Anlon would be an unassuming character, provided he were not constantly carrying a large anvil, wrapped in chains thrown over his shoulder. The tools of his trade hang from various loops and thongs woven into his maille armor, providing a strange sort of music with every steps he takes. No matter where he goes, if he sees signs of a people oppressed, he will do what he can to ease their oppression.


Anlon is a human who grew up fostered by a group of Dwamok hiding in the hills near Envy. He was found in the wreckage of a caravan that had been attacked by dark folk. He was trained in the ways of smithing and metalworking by a Dwamoken master smith. His mentor also taught him the ways of Khuldul. As he matured, he started trading for the Dwamoks, bringing in much needed food, materials, and herbs from the outside world where Khazak are hunted down and murdered. One day, he came back from a trip to the city and found the hide-out where the Dwamoks lived had been destroyed in a raid by dark folk. Enraged that he hadn’t been there to assist in the defense of his home as the tenants of Khuldul commanded, he vowed vengeance on all dark folk. He eventually moved out of Envy and on toward Greed. Along the way, he always lit a fire and welcomed dark folk to partake of his meals at night. In the morning, he would leave a pile of corpses, all died from eating his poisoned food. His actions were found out by the Resistance. He signed on with them immediately and took up a position as the town blacksmith in a small hamlet, where he met Daxis, and several other party members. He remembered to pray to Khuldul in secret and eventually found that he was able to use Khuldul’s power to influence the world around him and save his friends.

Fast forward to the day he learned of Daxis’ true master. Anlon felt sick for the deceptive ways he had been using in the past to fight the dark folk, realizing that he had been harming innocents as well as his enemies. He sought atonement from Khuldul by vowing to establish a city in Daven. He sent out the call to all Khazak to come to Daven, to build a city worthy of being called home, and a temple to Khuldul worthy of defending the Daven region from the rest of the Sins. He and his team launched an assault on Karfalazhud several days later. During a battle at the temple of Voth, Anlon was given a choice. He could remain on the path of vengeance and anger, by pursuing a high priest of Voth as he fled. In doing so, he would have left many children to die to flames summoned by said priest.

Anlon chose to set aside his quest for vengeance, and instead, walk the path of protection. He saved the children, and in that moment, was bestowed the Hand of Khuldul, a powerful hammer with the ability to smite dark folk. Now he is part of the council to re-establish a new Karfalazhud, one that is not controlled by the Sins, and is instead, part of the new order originally established in Daven. One of the first things done was to work out trade deals with Daven and new Karfalazhud for food to feed the starving city in Greed, and craftsmen to build the ravaged city in Daven.


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