Mysterious Elven Warrior


Berenthel is rather tall, standing over 6’5 inches with a mane of perfect blonde hair. His features are slender and graceful, typical of the fey. His body is lithe, slender, and highly flexible. He has the air of someone who has traveled the world and seen a great many things, and while the elves have a propensity for aloofness, Berenthel seems quite interested in the world around him.


Berenthel is one of the commanders of K’rash’s army and a highly capable elven warrior. Despite his people’s disappearance from Alterone over 400 year ago, Berenthel describes himself as a wanderer. He ended up in the Frostlands, far to the north of Alterone, and befriended a tribe of humans. K’rash, the leader of the Frostland tribes, saw an omen in the sky that he should travel to Alterone and crush the forces of the Dark Star, the name of Voth in the tongue of K’rash’s people. Berenthel is not too forthcoming about his connection to the other elves, and when pressed for information, simply says that he and the other elves “never quite saw eye to eye.”


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