Blue orc


Blue as ice, the blue orc tribe seem as physically fit and capable as their Alteronian brethren, but their main feature is their coloration. Their skin is hard as tanned leather and they lack body hair. Their bodies are otherwise smooth, and their muscles are compact and efficient. They come in different physical varieties, but there are no blue orcs with tusks.


It is unclear what the origin of the blue orcs actually is. It is known the the powerful magics of the shamans of the Frostland tribe can take orcs that have been wounded on the battlefield and transform them into blue orcs. The shamans claim this is “freeing” the orcs from the grip of the Dark Star. The blue orcs are compliant and follow the verbal commands of their shaman masters, almost robotic in manner. Little is known as to what would happen should their masters lose control.

Blue orc

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