Count Stuval


A decrepit zombie in a lord’s costume, Count Stuval stands at a were 5’5; hardly an imposing figure. Bits of flesh and dirt fall aimlessly from his body every now and again, as flies buzz in and out of his eye sockets. Only the strongest magics and pure will power keep this pile of tattered flesh together.


Count Stuval was a minor noble who rose to power by making a pact with Lord Gluttony. Normally, no human would dare make such a pact with a Lord of Sin, except for the fact that Stuval’s wife, Emerelda, was dying of a sickness no cleric could cure her of. He used the powers he gained from Gluttony to put his wife into eternal sleep. Slowly, though, the power of Gluttony drove the count mad. He turned on his own family, devouring his children and killing all of his servants. His wife eventually died from the shock and horror of what Stuval had become. The count spent the rest of his days mourning his family. When K’rash killed Lord Gluttony, Gluttony hid inside Stuval’s body. The two were not a match, and Stuval began to decay. He became a tortured man trapped in an undead body, unable to satisfy the lord he gave up so much to be with.

Count Stuval

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