Daxis Ton


Daxis is a rather tall man of 5’11’’, with a lean, yet athletic build. Very clean, very well dressed. His glare has been known to silence a crowded room without a word. He’s a man accustomed to getting his way, and does not handle disappointment well. Daxis has proven time and again that his loyalty, while difficult to earn, is well worth the price.


Daxis took to the customs of Greed at a young age, catching the eye of then leader of Hardewejn’s criminal network, Hux, with his talent for manipulation and extortion. His parents were poor merchants, which embarrassed Daxis to no end, having no patience for those who cannot support themselves, not to mention their child. Daxis effectively “lived” on the streets from the moment he could walk and talk, occasionally stopping home out of some sense of duty. His parents would never accept his attempts to contribute to their tax payments, uncomfortable with taking his money knowing where it came from. Daxis eventually stopped trying, and when they were inevitably charged with failure to pay taxes, Hux, considering the boy his own, saw to it that Daxis’ “obligation” to said taxes was conveniently forgotten.

Coming into his own in recent years, Daxis had taken up Hux’s position as head of the organization, seeing to it that those loyal to the group always had their taxes covered. Loyalty is important to Daxis. Besides, they couldn’t earn him money from the rack. Roughly a month before the opening events of the adventure, Daxis awoke one morning to find a note slipped under the door of his room at the Hoblin’ Goblin’. No one knows what the note said, nor indeed would anyone know the note existed if Daxis hadn’t approached Mad Dog, half-terrified, half-furious at the lack of security in the inn. He questioned Mad Dog repeatedly on the identities of anyone entering the inn the previous night. Unfortunately, there had been a wedding that same night, and it was impossible to tell how many people had been near Daxis’ room, forget noticing if one placed the note. After the exchange, Daxis left in a hurry, not to be seen again until well after midnight. When he returned, he seemed different. He had always been well-dressed, but it was more noticeable somehow. His clothes were immaculate, and rather more expensive than his usual tastes. He was also noticed carrying a small, nondescript black book. When Mad Dog questioned him about the note, the book, and his whereabouts that day, he was met with a stern, unsettling glare.

Since acquiring the book, which he now wears in a locked strap hung from his belt, Daxis’ dealings have proven far more lucrative than in the past. Debtors pay up much more easily, and sometimes even overpay if Daxis is required to come calling in person. The mayor has also been less interested in interfering with the organization, only showing concern when public outcry occurs, which is rare, and even then, he simply speaks with Daxis, typically requesting that he be more subtle in the future.

Daxis’ motives for aiding the party appeared to be rooted in a fondness for slaughtering dark ones. He seems to have a particular disdain for orcs and drow, who typically take more than is required from him when tax time comes, whether out of their own greed, or simply because they know he can’t stop them. But in the weeks leading up the the party’s meeting, several dark ones had gone “missing”, and it was no coincidence these same few were regular tormentors of Daxis, both in his youth and recent years. Rumor has it the book he carries contains a list, and he’s been checking it off…

Of course, it is now well known where Daxis’ true loyalties lie. While Daxis may have been rather fond of the party, particularly Anlon of all people, his loyalty ultimately belonged to his master, Lord Greed. As the party set out to thwart the Sins, Daxis made sure to steer them in ways that benefit his master, or at least put him in position to do so himself. The first true test of Daxis’ loyalty came when the party intercepted a shipment of black powder the Resistance intended to use in an attack against Greed. Daxis convinced the party to use the small amount of gunpowder they already had to lay a trap for the caravan carrying the rest. Then, while the party was distracted, Daxis ignited the remaining powder on the cargo ship, nearly killing himself and Korg in the process.

When the party decided to investigate the origin of the Red Orcs in Gluttony, Daxis saw yet another opportunity to serve his lord. After aiding the party in fully defeating Lord Gluttony and sealing the rifts caused by the Red Orc experiments in northern Gluttony, Daxis managed to steal the research notes from the lab. After dragging the former Hand of Gluttony out of the ancient city and feasting on his power, Daxis was summoned by Lord Greed,who saw fit to make a rare appearance to retrieve Daxis personally. As the two disappeared over the horizon, the party feared what may befall them in the future. Daxis had made his affection for the group very clear, remaining loyal to them above all but his master. But when the master calls, you answer.

Daxis was last seen cutting his way through the orc guard of Kerfalazud, though to what end no one can be sure.

Daxis Ton

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