Dolvion Arroway


For The most part Dolvion looks like the average human. He stands at a height of 5’10" with short brown hair and green eyes. He typically wears a darker set of clothes under his leather armor. Personality wise, Dolvion has a strong desire to do the right thing that has been all but quelled by the cruel world he has grown up in.

Dolvion’s Mother and Father were servants tasked with protecting members of one of the noble families in Sloth. Thinking their son would join them when he came of age they made sure to pass along their martial training to him. He used to sneak away from training whenever he could to spend time with the youngest child of the noble family (Who happened to be his Mothers master). Over time they became good friends until one day they found out the young nobles family had unfavorable plans for her. Aided by his Mother, Dolvion helped the young noble escape causing his parents to be released from their duties.

Shortly after word arrived from Stoltz of a rebellion beginning to stir. His parents left him with Dolvion with the only other family he had (His Aunt) and went off to join it. He hasn’t heard from them since and assumes they died in the terrible defeat in Kalen. The rest of his “childhood” was spent growing up in the slums of Devan. Here Dolvion hired himself out as a mercenary for the local bands of thieves to help make money to support the household. Due to his martial training he was able to thrive doing this and continued to build his skills doing so.


Dolvion Arroway

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