Firinic Frostfire


As far as looks Firinic appears to be an average human male.
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


Firinic was born in Aemular, the capital of Envy, of Grarry and Lilly Frostfire. He had a younger sister, Aerra (EYE-rah) Frostfire. The Frostfires were an average household. His father was a farmer who dreamed of one day moving to Greed, hitting it big, never working again. His mother worked as an assistant to some Drow managing his schedule and completing any menial task that was asked of her. As far as Firinic could tell his sister didn’t seem too special either. She always received decent marks in her general studies, but never really excelled. Firinic, himself, was no ordinary person. He was born with a near photographic memory allowing him to remember nearly everything he saw or heard and had always received perfect marks in his general studies. He was often frustrated that he wasn’t allowed more advanced material, but was scolded by his parents when he voiced his opinion on the matter. They said that kind of behavior would get the whole family punished.

His whole life changed one day while Aerra and himself were so engrossed in conversation they didn’t notice an incoming figure who refused to divert his path for them (As it was humans duty to do so in Aemular). They collided and the figure happened to a Drow from a local arcane cloister, The Arcane Compendium. The impact knocked the book the Drow was carrying to the ground falling face open. Firinic quickly realized the danger of the situation, picked up the book for the Drow, and profusely apologized for their error. The Drow muttered under his breath snatched the book and continued on his way. He only saw it for a moment, but Firinic remembered what he saw and for the first time in his life he didn’t understand it. He was later caught tracing the Magical formula for “Mage Hand” in the dirt outside of his family home by local authorities. After a huge debacle Firinics family was charged with hiding his “Magical Potential” and he has not heard from them since. If it wasn’t for Nilicia Ilalarran, a high-ranking Drow member of The Arcane Compendium, he probably would’ve shared a fate similar to theirs. However, she believed that humans with magical talent can be deterred from “Human behavior” if caught at young enough age. Thankfully, Firinic was only 9 at this time.

He was placed under Urthel Khalifar, the very same Drow his sister and he bumped into that fateful day. If Firinic didn’t know any better he would’ve sworn Urthel had remembered it and punished him for it many times over. Urthel made Firinics life living hell. By his duty, Urthel was obligated to tutor Firinic in the arcane arts and “proper behavior”. He literally beat the material into Firinic. Spiteful that Firinic was picking his teachings up so quick he beat him more. Firinic managed to push through it all thanks to his fascination with knowledge and his desire to learn.
By age 14 Firinic was on equal level as Urthel in terms of magic capability. By 16 he had surpassed Urthel and by 17 Urthel had realized it and had intensified the beatings. Once, Firinic had accidentally corrected Urthel in front of Nilicia. He was praised by her, but Urthels beating that followed left him realizing his own mortality. In future years Firinic made sure to do everything in his power to keep Urthel pleased. It didn’t help much.
Shortly after Firinic decided that if he was to continue advancing he would need to study on his own time in secret as to not upset Urthel. So he continued to receive the " required lessons" from Urthel and experiment on his own during his personal time. Thankfully, he was able to avoid getting caught.
One day, shortly after his 20th birthday, Nilicia requested Urthel travel to Gluttony to meet with one of her “business partners”, known as lord Chalmers. Urthel, thinking it below himself, delegated the task to Firinic. Sending him off to Gluttony and assigning him an “entourage” of low ranking Drow to make sure he sticks to his lessons.

Firinic found Lord Chalmers in Zeel City, The capital of Gluttony. It turns out that by “business partner” Nilicia actually meant “Direct Competitor” as after Firinic explained his position he was promptly attacked. Lord Chalmers was a member of a long line of powerful wizards and happened to be one himself. If not for his entourage Firinic may have been slain in the resulting fight. That day Firinic and company was getting ready to depart for “home”. Out of nowhere an army of orcs started pouring into the city. A few months earlier K’rash and his army had liberated Pride and nobody expected them to make their next move so quickly or be so powerful. It was a slaughter! Firinic noticed that any human that wasn’t resisting so he did nothing as his travel “companions” were slaughtered. Almost as quick as they appeared K’rashes army disappeared making their way south into Sloth crossed the Dirac mountains. Firinic has heard of them since.

Since then Gluttony has descended into complete anarchy. Supposedly, K’rashes army had slain Lord Gluttony causing the undead that were once under his control now were out of control. The major towns of Gluttony had to surround themselves with huge hastily built walls just to keep the horde at bay. Anyone caught outside after sunset would most likely never make it to see day. Except for Firinic that is. With his newfound freedom he committed his time to studying. While he normally made camp near one of the “major” towns he usually never went inside. His magic was enough to keep himself safe and he has enjoyed his newfound freedom of late.

Firinic Frostfire

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