A vampire standing over 6 feet tall, Gluttony has been reduced to a wandering spirit. His body is vague and formless, shifting through the shadows, looking for a host to inhabit. When he is fully corporeal, he wears his foppish pirate hat and his loose fitting clothing, barely hiding a huge belly and a soft, featureless body.


Gluttony was killed by K’rash and his forces during the invasion of his kingdom. However, Gluttony used powerful magic to inhabit the body of his familiar, Count Stuval. Unfortunately, the pairing did not go so well, and the Count became a shambling undead shell of his former self. This left Gluttony without a proper host. Eventually Gluttony set his sights on Daxis, but was defeated. With Gluttony’s spirit destroyed, the kingdom of Daven has been completely liberated.


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