The Godfather


Hux stands at no more than 5 feet 7 inches. He is a rather old man with a full head of white and grey hair. He is always immaculately dressed, usually in a full dress shirt with brown or black vest and cuff links. He walks with a slight limp, so uses a cane.


Not much is known about Hux, other than the fact that the man has quite some skill to survive to a ripe old age. Wherever there is an underworld, a chance to make some money using unlawful methods, Hux knows about it and is most likely orchestrating a way to take it over himself. Hux is Daxis’ mentor, taking Daxis in at a young age and teaching him the ways of the world. Hux enjoys various high end hobbies including fencing and gemology, and always enjoys a fine glass of the most expensive cognac money can buy. Hux is fond of saying “A man should never let his enemies outlive him.”


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