Korg "The Magical" Thogaturge


Korg’s friends and family knew early on that something was amiss with the poor lad. Often he’d wander off into the forest or aimlessly through streets when no one was looking and show up several days later, naked and starving.

Having only just settled down into life as an adult, shortly after his 23rd birthday, Korg announced (to no one in particular) that he needed to fetch a star, took his grandfather’s magical components (a sack of random foodstuffs, oils, and other miscellaneous sundries) and beloved “Speel Buk”, and left his village, only to be rarely seen again.

Korg is overly curious, but neither cautious nor disciplined. All of the things that society sees as necessities bear no more meaning to him than a shiny stone in a forest creek. He is impulsive and makes poor choices constantly, though rarely with the intention to cause harm. He will typically have one to three small “familiars” with him at any given time and he will resort to conversing with them if he feels overwhelmed or left out.

He has been “rescued” more than once by well-meaning rangers, druids, hunters, and passerbies. These people are usually put off shortly thereafter by Korg’s constantly shifting demeanor. He loves to go on adventures, whether alone or with a group and will happily join a party to add to his beloved “Speel Buk”.

Korg "The Magical" Thogaturge

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