Madame Una

Lady of the Evening


Una is a saucy wench, and the Madame of the Bloody Raven Inn. She stands at about 5 foot 8, with a very curvy and attractive body that she enjoys showing off. She has fire red hair that tumbles down the sides of her face in curls. She is impeccably dressed, usually in the latest fashion, almost always sporting imported clothes from the other provinces.


Una is the (previous) owner of the Bloody Raven. She moved up in the Madame business quite quickly. She has a harem of women, all of whom are in her employ through one means or another, and she has quite the reputation in the area. The Bloody Raven itself is nothing special, except of course for the evening fight club she hosts to boost her customer base. Una has lost her position as the owner of the Bloody Raven after a mishap with an incompetent bookey, but she is a strong willed woman who won’t let one setback knock her down.

Madame Una

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