Rebellion Spy


Mathé is not an especially large human, perhaps about 5’7 inches with a confident gait. He has sandy blonde hair, brown eyes, and rather pale, pallid skin. He usually wears clothes to cover up his features, and he is a master of disguise. One day he is an insane old man, the next, a well traveled merchant.


Mathé has revealed little about his background or how he ended up in the rebellion, but he seems fiercely loyal to his comrades and will not give them up or do anything to endanger them. Sometimes his skill in disguising himself is not to the level he’d like, but he does use his skills at general thievery for the good of the resistance. Mathe developed a good relationship with the party, helping them to infiltrate the prison and rescue Aeon.

Mathe’s body was eventually found mutilated, floating in the sewers near a gutter, almost as if it were placed there to be found. It is commonly thought that Daxis had found Mathe, and the thief met his end.


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