Court Alchemist


In human form, Mizzandrin is a slight woman with a skinny build, and a rather dove like demeanor. Mizzandrin barely speaks above a decibel, and wears her hair in a conservative fashion.


Mizzandrin is the court alchemist and entrusted with researching herbs as well as new ways of using magic to transmute objects. She was suspect #1 for framing the Knights of Kantor after it was revealed she was Prince Mordecai’s paramour. Mizzandrin was actually a drow wizard, in the employ of the Lord of Anger. She used her relationship with Mordecai to gain access to the reliquary and an ancient artifact known as the druid stone. With the druid stone, she was able to turn orcs into humans, and use them to frame the Knights of Kantor while seeming genuine. She kept a portal to her workshop behind a hidden panel in her room. She was defeated by a group of adventurers at her camp at the base of the Wintervale. She was tortured for information, and in the end, her final words were “None of you will survive the invasion, none of you!”


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