Prince Aelfar

Crown Prince of Alterone


A young man of seventeen years of age, with the blonde hair and blue eyes that is well known among the Eluhil clan that has ruled Alterone for over 1,000 years. He is quite sickly, with a blood disorder that is incurable and renders him unable to move about effectively. He has to be attended by several hand maidens.


Before the Dark Occupation, Aelfar as a young man of seventeen years of age, Aelfar was the crown prince of Alterone and next in line for the throne. However, his brother Mordecai felt that Aelfar was in no state to take over affairs of state, and with King Ordren on his death bed, the day Aelfar would ascend to the throne was growing near. There had not been any royal intrigue in the Eluhil clan for over 1,000 years, and the stability of the crown was what gave Alterone it’s staying power.

A group of adventurers discovered a massacre at Pal’El, and it was initially thought that the Knights of Kantor were being implicated to embarrass them, and by extension, the crown prince. The crown prince carried the title of leader of the Knights of Kantor. It was later revealed that Prince Aelfar was in fact the Lord of Anger, Wrath.

Prince Aelfar

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