Prince Feldor

Prince of the Elves


A tall and lithe elf, not considered especially handsome, but seems to be rather handy with magic and sorcery. He has blonde hair and looks similar to his sister.


Not much is known about Prince Feldor, except he has a generally low opinion of humanity, and non-elves in general. When the massacre at Pal’El was announced by Anna’s mother, Prince Feldor made the remark that “Well, if we give the humans the Light Forge, they may end up killing each other.” This prompted a fight between him and Princess Aya. It is not known what became of Feldor or the rest of the elves after the Dark Occupation, but the official histories of the “foolish elves who were decisively destroyed by the mighty forces of the Dark Folk” is in all likelihood not accurate.

Prince Feldor

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