The Lord of Anger - Leader of the Sins


In his form as prince Aelfar he was a sickly young man, barely able to walk, but in his regular form he is a red skinned demon, over 8 feet tall, with razor sharp claws and a tail capable of doing great damage. His red skin glistens with power and his body is sometimes alight with red lightning.


It was revealed that Crown Prince Aelfar was in fact the Lord of Anger, Wrath, in disguise. Wrath had assumed the body of the sickly prince as cover, and from inside the palace sullied the name of the Knights of Kantor and brought down the crown. King Ordren was presumably poisoned by Wrath’s dark influence and Mordecai was put to death for treason against the crown. Wrath is an extremely powerful creature, with the ability to fill his opponent’s with rage and pit them against their allies, In his form as prince Aelfar, Wrath wielded a demonic two handed greatsword with ease, and commanded spells of fire. However, Wrath was seriously wounded in his fight with a group of adventurers who uncovered his plot, and threw them and himself into some strange vortex of energy. Wrath eventually conquered the kingdom of Alterone and installed himself as leader to rule for the next 400 years.


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