Aeros Avengart


As a human, standing at about six feet tall, Aeros is broad and appears generally well-kept. Wearing rather simple chainmail armor, he prefers not to draw attention to himself. While keeping his obsidian-colored hair short and neat, he sharp blue-grey eyes often draw the attention he so deliberately seeks to avoid.


At a young age, Aeros lost his parents to the harsh rule of Lord Wrath. While he does not know what led to their execution, he knows they greatly valued helping those who were not able to defend themselves – a value which has become an important part of his identity.

After the death of parents, Aeros was raised by monks who served Kantor; well hidden to the forces of Wrath, but easily found by those in need. In his upbringing, Aeros was taught to nurture goodness in the world, and fight evil wherever and however possible. The almost arbitrary nature of the laws in Wrath, and the barbaric punishments for violating even the simplest of them, have led Aeros to view the written law with significant skepticism. As such, he is driven by his own code of helping those who are defenseless against such a harsh world.

Like so many humans in Wrath, Aeros was forced to train as a conscript in its armed forces. It was there that he learned how to fight and that which set him on the course to becoming a paladin. Before his training was fully complete, the monks who raised him, fearing for his safety, helped to smuggle him out of Wrath and sent him on a mission to bring compassion and goodness back into the world of Alterone.

While conflicted by the anger he feels over the death of his parents, Aeros tries to do the right thing for those who are innocent and in need. Even though he is not always successful, he knows he must always continue to try to be better for others…

Aeros Avengart

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