"Princess" Aya

Mysterious Elven Woman


Aya is a tall and slender elf, with golden blonde hair and fair skin. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds in the blackness of space. She wears a form fitting green and red leather suit which is form fitting, attractive, but functional.


The party knows little about Aya. She was in the cottage of Lor ack Mattheus and Maria as thy were fleeing a city called “Therazuul” which had been invaded by the dark ones. The royal family had all been killed, except for a young babe who could carry on the line. Lor and Maria were commoners, but loyal to the crown, and Aya helped them to escape. Aya fell to some dark magic, a curse from the orcs, and Lor tried his best to find an antidote to save her, when some mysterious heroes appeared from nowhere.

Aya is mentioned in an anthology of ancient Elven poetry. She is described as the sun, fierce and bright, while her brother is somber and dark, like the moon.

"Princess" Aya

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