Orc Captain


G’Rumsh is a big, hulking orc, standing at over 6’5 with black and silver skin, denoting that his breed of orc is a hardier, stockier, more intelligent brand than the average grunt. He has two tusks which he was shaved down and kept to a sharp point, and a ring on his right ear.


G’Rumsh is captain of the guard, but not much more is known about him, save for the fact he has invited Daxis Ton and the rest of his party to take part in the crucible of fire, a test of strength and endurance for what G’ruumsh hoped to be a human fighting force. His hopes were eventually dashed as it was revealed that his second in command was actually a warlock working for Wrath. G’ruumsh eventually was killed in the battle of the liberation of Kerfalazud when he attacked the makeshift medical tent at the coliseum, felled by Korg’s battle axe.


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