Mason Aldritch


A robust man of just under 6 feet, Mason is easily recognized by his scars. The Torturemasters of Wrath are known for their talent, and Mason’s face is a fair showcase of it. He typically wears a hood to conceal himself when in public, lest he be recognized. Legend says the family armor he wears was commissioned by dwarves before the Dark Occupation, then worn into battle against the very dwarves who crafted it. Or so the Aldricth family claims.


The Aldritch family hails from the city of Ebikord. His family has served Lord Wrath proudly for as long as any can remember. Growing up, Mason had always been told serving in the Wrath military was the greatest honor any human could hope for, and he should be grateful for the privilege, as other kingdoms do not allow humans to serve in such capacity.

When it came time for Mason to serve, he relished every second. Top of his class in all forms of martial combat, Mason’s voracity and skill intimidated even his orc superiors, although they’d never admit it. Over the years, Mason served proudly, if reluctantly. Once he actually hit the streets as a soldier, he began to question his position. He had heard of the cruelty of the city guard, but growing up on his family’s estate, training every day, he never got out enough to see it first hand. His second day on patrol, he witnessed the orc commander he was serving slaughter a man in the street for “looking weird”. Mason did not sleep that night.

Years went by, and Mason bit his tongue. Who was he to question his superiors? And then it happened. Mason had been out drinking with some guards, human and orc. As they left the tavern, extremely drunk, one of the orcs tripped over a beggar child outside. In a drunken rage, the Orc declared the boy’s life forfeit, and drew his weapon. Before any knew what was happening, the orc’s head lay in the street, Mason’s sword dripping with orc blood. Instinct had taken over and Mason could not stand idly by any longer. He was, of course, arrested immediately.

The penalty for assaulting Darkfolk in wrath was harsh, but to actually slay one was all but unheard of. The Torturemasters took great joy in exacting Mason’s punishment. For months they worked on him. He became their favorite play thing, his body a canvas on which to display their art. One year later, somehow still alive, Mason was finally sentenced to the guillotine. Word had spread of Mason’s deed, and over that year, a new “resistance” rose. They called themselves the Knights of Kantor, a name known to only a few humans anymore. Mostly consisting of young men deserting the Wrath army, they had been waiting for this day. As Mason was marched to the square for execution, the escort was ambushed. In the confusion, Mason was whisked away.

The men took him to a small sect of monks who maintained the worship of Kantor. The more he learned of Kantor and his knights, the more Mason loved it. Fight all he wants? Protect the innocent? FIGHT ALL HE WANTS? Sold. Mason excelled at his holy training and was quick to pass it on his knowledge and experience to the Knights.

It was not long before the monks had reached the limit of what they could teach Mason. There was also the small issue of keeping a restless Mason hidden from Wrath forces. Coincidentally, the monks were having the same problem with a young man named Aeros, whom they had raised from a young age after his parents were executed. Mason agreed to escort the boy from Wrath in search of a rumored resistance building in the Western Kingdoms, promising he would one day return to free Wrath.

As they attempted to cross the border out of Wrath, they encountered a pair of orcs on a bridge crossing a deep ravine. During the fight, Mason and one orc lost their footing, and rolled over the side of the bridge into the ravine. Believing Mason to be dead, Aeros continued on to Greed.

Mason awoke several hours later feeling a dull pain in his head, and a sharp one somewhere else. He removed the orc tusk from his ass, and thanked what remained of the kind creature for cushioning his fall. It took the better part of the day to climb out of the ravine. Mason was disappointed Aeros had given him up for dead so readily, and set out to track the boy down. After a few months of tracking the groups progress, sometimes arriving only hours behind them, he finally met up with them in the newly liberated Gluttony, and was more than happy to finally join the cause.

Mason Aldritch

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