Seven Sins of Alterone

The adventure begins!

Our heroes find themselves in the small hamlet of Hardewejn, a logging community by Lake Moina and the Inderfel Forests. It’s a city with a population of roughly 500 people. The city itself is nothing much to write home about. It’s a minor post on the Gold Road without a large presence of Dark Folk, so a perfect spot for those that do not want to be known. There are gray cobble stoned streets, grey walls, and an equally colorful population. Our heroes visited town square and saw a man tied to an apparatus 15 some odd feet high in the air. The contraption tied his hands and feet and stretched him out, slowly. Next to the apparatus was a basket with a sign reading “Loyal citizens will place a rock in the basket. This prisoner must pay for tax evasion. Hail Voth!” Dax had no qualms and immediately put a rock in the basket. The man on the rack let out a quiet moan of pain as his tendons and sinews started to stretch by a few millimeters.
Acedia, feeling a rare moment of pity for the man, used her psychic powers to put him out of his misery. While the goblin on hand didn’t notice, several others in the crowd noticed the veiled woman’s strange powers. Anlon, a young cleric, was able to persuade the goblin overlord to let him “dispose” of the corpse. The young cleric instead took the man back to his house and started nursing him back to health. Acedia, noticing Anlon’s kindness (and vulnerability) follows him back to his shop. Dax follows close behind, but stands across the street to just keep an eye on what’s going on.
Anlon stabilizes the man, but is beset upon by Acedia who offers to “forget” what she just saw in exchange for free room and board. Anlon is not having a good day. Dax comes in, confidently sits himself down, and lets it known that he knows Anlon has a “guest” at home who is wanted for tax evasion. The group talks to the man, and finds out he owes over 5,000 gold in back taxes on his farm. The reason he has fallen into financial ruin is because his wife and two sons all died. Dax, knowing full well the young holy man doesn’t have the gold, instead offers to “protect” Anlon’s shop for a percentage of the profits.
Elsewhere, Bulvar, the barbarian dwarf, had found his way to Hardewejn after escaping from the massacre of his family in Wrath. He follows the goblin who was watching the man on the rack, and informs him of a “body” that’s been found in a field outside of the city. The goblin goes to investigate, and Bulvar follows behind, lying in wait until the two of them are alone. As far as Bulvar is concerned, the only good goblin is a dead goblin. Bulvar notices the goblin has indeed found a corpse at the end of town. Bulvar quickly dispatches the goblin with his greataxe, and finds a human corpse. This might not be so strange, if it were not for the fact that the corpse had no head!
Meanwhile, back in the city, Dax, satisfied that he’s got a new income stream, leaves and heads to the Hoblin’ Goblin’ Inn for some debauchery. Acedia falls asleep on her pallet while Anlon goes back to work, pounding on his anvil and singing Dwarven ballads. Bulvar hears his language, a rarity in Greed, and walks into the shop to greet Anlon and talk shop for a bit. Bulvar eventually leaves, gets a room at the Hoblin’ Goblin, and the party rests for the evening.
The next day, Acedia is woken by the sound of hammering. Her beauty sleep broken, she quickly tries to Anlon, but he is asleep. She makes great effort to walk outside, and sees a man putting up posters around the city. The posters offer a large reward for solving the mystery of murders that have been happening near the city. Acedia alerts Anlon to head to the mayor’s office to see about getting the reward. Bulvar and Dax also see the posters, and head to the mayor’s office. The mayor’s office is adorned with a symbol of Voth. The party walks in and talks to the mayor, and finds out that there have been many bodies being found around the city and in the country . The strange thing, is that all the bodies have been found without heads. The mayor wants the case solved before the end of two weeks, because the Naz’Grul will be inspecting the city, and he doesn’t want any trouble. The party agrees to find out what’s responsible and put a stop to it.
The party goes first to the outskirts of town to find the first body as well as the body of a goblin (which Bulvar claims to know nothing about), both of which have no head. Acedia tries to use her psychic powers to determine who the man is, but the corpse has been dead too long. Bulvar casts “Speak with Animals” and learns from a family of sparrows that the body was of a man, most likely a peasant, who walked out from the forest, and then once reaching the field, died as his head exploded. The party is a little closer to solving the mystery, and will head back to town to see if any of the citizenry might know anything.



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